Valley School Pukekohe - Effort Brings Reward


Role of the Board

The structure of the Valley School Board of Trustees is as follows:

  • Five Parent Elected Trustees (including one Board Chairperson)
  • The Principal
  • One Staff Elected Trustee

The Valley School Board of Trustees is empowered by the Education Act to ensure all Valley kids achieve to their full potential, develop key life skills, stay safe, and retain their individual cultural identities as New Zealanders.  To do the above, the Board is responsible for governance oversight of the school’s operational areas via Board policy and audits.  The Board also sets the school’s Charter and Strategic Plan in consultation with staff and the school community, ensuring the Valley school community has ownership of its school and its direction. 

The Board as an entity does not get involved in the daily running of the school, which is led by the Principal and the senior leadership team.

Parents are welcome to attend Board of Trustee meetings as observers.  Meetings are held in the school staff room approximately monthly. Check with the school or the school webpage for dates of upcoming meetings (note certain meeting protocols will be in place).  


Public attending board meetings
 The board of trustees welcomes community presence at board meetings and hopes that members of the school community enjoy their time observing board meetings.

The following procedures are provided so that guests understand the rules that apply and will be followed unless otherwise authorised by the board, a copy will be available at each meeting:

  • Board meetings are not public meetings but meetings held in public.
  • If the meeting moves to exclude the public (usually to protect the privacy of individuals), members of the public will be asked to leave the meeting until this aspect of the business has been concluded.
  • Members of the public may request speaking rights on a particular subject that is on the agenda. Preferably, this request has been made in advance. Public participation is at the discretion of the board.
  • Speakers shall be restricted to a maximum of 3 minutes each per subject, with a time limit of 15 minutes per interest group.
  • Speakers are not to question the board and must speak to the topic. 
  • Board members will not address questions or statements to speakers.
  • Speakers shall not be disrespectful or offensive or make malicious statements or claims.
  • If the chair believes that any of these have occurred or the speaker has gone over time, they will be asked to finish.


Valley School Board of Trustees 2019

 Chris Purdon- Chairperson/Trustee

Roger Goulstone- Principal

Elizabeth Skinner -Trustee

David Hughes  -Trustee

Malinda Meads - Trustee

Yvette Fell - Trustee

Keryn Grey - Staff Representative/Trustee