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School Donations

From time to time the Board of Trustees sets the level of the school donation and advertises it to parents. The amount is set as part of the board’s annual budget preparation.  The school could not operate without this donation. Payment of the donation is voluntary.


Valley School Voluntary Donations 2021


                                                                        Per Year                                  Paper Levy


One Child                                                     $100.00                                   $20.00                         


Second Child                                               $100.00                                   $20.00


Three or More children                             $200.00                                  $20.00

                                                                                                                        Each child



Our bank account details are:
Valley School Board of Trustees
 Bank Account No. 123023-0640768-00.   Please use your child’s name as a reference.

Also, as this is a donation, it is subject to a refund through the Inland Revenue Department. The refund is approximately one-third of your donation. More details can be found at (Rebate claim form IR526)

Where does your donation go? It could be used for:

  • Additional learning opportunities
  • The purchase of teaching resources
  • Additional Learning Assistant support