Valley School Pukekohe - Effort Brings Reward

Emergency Lockdown Procedure


All pupils and staff outside of classrooms return immediately to their room.

All doors and windows are locked.

Curtains are closed.

All pupils get on to the floor out of sight of windows.

Lock down stays in force until police instruct us that it can be lifted.

Parents and caregivers are contacted as soon as possible that a lockdown is in force.


During a lockdown parents are not able to enter school or pick up their child. It is likely that police will have access blocked until the situation is resolved.

Safety of our pupils is paramount and staff will take all actions possible to ensure all pupils are safe.

Parents will be contacted as soon as the lockdown is over.

In all lockdowns we are advised by the police as to what actions to take.


Please note – it may not be possible to immediately notify parents of a lockdown in force. On previous occasions police have asked us not to notify parents to avoid concerned parents arriving in the area making the police job more difficult.


Our emergency contact plan for parents and caregivers

  • Parents will be notified of an emergency via our group email from the school office. Notices will be posted on local radio stations if necessary. Non-emergency contact to inform parents will be by newsletter as soon as possible after the event.
  • All pupils who are picked up from the classroom or evacuation points by parents or caregivers must be marked off on the class roll. All parents and caregivers must report to the class teacher when picking up their children.
  • Pupils are not to contact parents by cell phone or personal IT device unless given permission by their teacher.