Valley School Pukekohe - Effort Brings Reward

Welcome to Valley School!

LEVEL 1 – starting Friday  noon  12th March


All pupils will return to their normal classrooms. All school timings will be normal. 

 All school gates will be open.

Any parent who visits the school must use the QR codes to sign in or manually sign in at the office.

Parents may enter the school grounds but please do not enter classrooms.


There is no physical distancing requirement inside the classroom – the measure is keeping out of the ‘moist breath zone’ of others.


 Please do not send your child to school if they are unwell. Any pupils displaying any symptoms of coughing, sneezing or a runny nose will be sent home.


Assemblies will now tale place as normal.

All classes are well equipped for hand sanitising and handwashing.

Thorough daily cleans will be taking place.


Thank you for all your support, it is much appreciated. We look forward to continuing to work as a community to the do the very best we can for our kids. 


Take care Everyone


Roger Goulstone



New Valley School Policy Website

One of the major projects that the Board of Trustees and the Principal have been working on this year is the adoption of School Docs as a central place for all our board and school policies.


School Docs allows the board and the school to focus on our core responsibilities around academic achievement and student learning progress with the following benefits:

  • Easy Access - All our policy documents are accessible to the whole school community, split into handy areas for parents and staff to access
  • Collaboration - With over 1,200 schools in the system, we benefit from the experiences and knowledge of others in the education community.
  • Review -  The unique review system allows board members, staff and parents to comment on policies and procedures online and be heard.  
  • Save time - School Docs will enable the board and senior leadership team to spend more time on proactive strategy and less time on paperwork.
  • Notification - We will be immediately notified of any legislative changes that impact our policies ensuring we are up to date with our obligations.

The links to the school policies via Schools Docs can be found on the Valley School website homepage on the left of the screen under Policies and Procedures. Once you enter the area username and login details will be provided.


The Board of Trustees and Principal are happy to hear any feedback  ( and we hope that this makes our school policies and procedure more accessible for all.

A paper copy of our policies will be available for reading at the school office.  The paper copy will be updated twice a year.


Take care


The Valley School Board of Trustees


Term Dates 2021

TERM 1          Start – Thursday 4 February                     Finish – Friday 16 April

TERM 2          Start – Monday 3 May                                  Finish – Friday 9 July

TERM 3          Start – Monday 26 July                                Finish – Friday 1 October

TERM 4          Start – Monday 18 October                        Finish – Thursday 16 December

now what learning is

Valley kids show "courage” when it comes to learning.  Students know how to be prepared for learning, what tools they need and the right attitude to bring to all learning situations.

nclude everyone

Valley kids show respect for themselves and each other.  They have a strong sense of "honour” and do what is morally right. They are the most important part of the Valley School community.

iscover their individuality

Valley kids are "loyal”.  They can be relied upon to participate and contribute in all learning situations.  They are curious about the world and willing to take risks with their learning.

trive for success

Valley kids always show a ‘can-do’ attitude.  They set learning goals and strive to achieve them.  They show "endurance” in all they do by demonstrating stamina and determination.