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 Following the tragic events in Christchurch it is timely to remind parents of our lock down procedure.

We practise a lock down as part of our emergency plan.

We work closely with police on any lock down and follow their instructions. It is often not possible for parents to access the school during a lock down.


Click on the lock down tab in the main menu bar to access the information.




Draft School Charter



The Board of Trustees invites any feedback, ideas and suggestions you have on our Draft Charter.

Consultation closes on April 12th. Submissions can be made via email, phone call, text of hard copy.

You are also welcome to make a time with the Principal to discuss the Draft Charter.

The Draft Charter can be accessed from the main menu.




Education Review Office Report

The Review Office visited us in the second last week of Term 4 and the final report is now available.
Click on the heading in the menu bar and you can access and read the report. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Term Dates 2019


Thursday 07 February               Term 1 starts for all pupils.

Friday 12 April                                   Term 1 ends



Monday 29 April                                Term 2 starts

Friday 5 July                                       Term 2 ends



Monday 22 July                                 Term 3 starts

Friday 27 September                       Term 3 ends



Monday 14 October                         Term 4 starts

Friday 20 December                         Term 4 ends, 12:30 finish







Injuries at School

It is unavoidable with 500 pupils at school that injuries and accidents happen. We always maintain a team of staff members with current first aid certificates ready to help as needed. 

Our school procedure when dealing with a head knock or head injury is that we will always phone parents to let them know. Even if it seems like a minor head knock and everything seems okay we will let you know so you can be aware if anything crops up later in the day.



Bully Free Resource

Click on the link below to go to a free site provided by Bully Free New Zealand with lots of information and a wonderful story about Oat the Goat you can share with your children.


  Oat the Goat



Sunshine On line

This is a free website for Valley School students that supports children's learning in literacy and maths.

You can log on by clicking this link  Sunshine

For password and username enter:  valley1540




Reading Writing and Mathematics


Click on the Curriculum link below to take you to our curriculum section where you will find information on Reading and Writing Achievement Expectations for each year level.





Kelly Club Before and After


School Care is at



Valley School

Click on the Kelly Club section in our menu to find out everything you need to know!




now what learning is

Valley kids show "courage” when it comes to learning.  Students know how to be prepared for learning, what tools they need and the right attitude to bring to all learning situations.

nclude everyone

Valley kids show respect for themselves and each other.  They have a strong sense of "honour” and do what is morally right. They are the most important part of the Valley School community.

iscover their individuality

Valley kids are "loyal”.  They can be relied upon to participate and contribute in all learning situations.  They are curious about the world and willing to take risks with their learning.

trive for success

Valley kids always show a ‘can-do’ attitude.  They set learning goals and strive to achieve them.  They show "endurance” in all they do by demonstrating stamina and determination.