Valley School Pukekohe - Effort Brings Reward


Due to production rehearsals Junior assemblies have been postponed until further notice. We will let you know when Junior assemblies start again.


WALKING SCHOOL BUS-  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Valley School parents currently operate two Walking School Buses, from Totora Ave and The Colin Lawrie Fields. These supportive parents need your help. If you live near either of these areas we would like you to consider joining a WSB.


This involves being part of a roster and taking a turn to walk a small group of children to school and/or back again at 3pm.


Both WSBs have been operating for several years, but lack of support means that a few parents are being asked to do more than their fair share.


We are a zoned school, so most children should be able to walk to school, and if you can support them to do this, then we are keeping our very conjested entrances safer for our children.


Please contact the school office if you can help. WE NEED YOU!




Yummy Stickers - earn sports equipment

Collect Yummy stickers from Yummy apples and other fruit or Yummy labels from bags of apples to help earn sports equipment for our School.

Collect stickers or labels from family, friends and neighbours then return to School for 500 house points. 



Kelly Club Before and After


School Care is at



Valley School

Click on the Kelly Club section in our menu to find out everything you need to know!




now what learning is

Valley kids show "courage” when it comes to learning.  Students know how to be prepared for learning, what tools they need and the right attitude to bring to all learning situations.

nclude everyone

Valley kids show respect for themselves and each other.  They have a strong sense of "honour” and do what is morally right. They are the most important part of the Valley School community.

iscover their individuality

Valley kids are "loyal”.  They can be relied upon to participate and contribute in all learning situations.  They are curious about the world and willing to take risks with their learning.

trive for success

Valley kids always show a ‘can-do’ attitude.  They set learning goals and strive to achieve them.  They show "endurance” in all they do by demonstrating stamina and determination.